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1- Publisher information

Publisher : TRACTO-LOCK, SAS (simplified joint stock company) with a capital of 535.000,00 €, RCS Carcassonne B 753 626 332

Head office : Domaine de Ferrals – 11400 SAINT PAPOUL – France

Publication manager : Quentin Derouck Contact : 04 68 23 92 94

2- Credits

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3- Content

This website has been created to present the business of the TRACTO-LOCK company.

The Publisher is the owner of the website content that he has put online. He reserves the right to modify it at any time and without prior notice.

4- Limitation of liability

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5- Intellectual property

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Consequently, the site user is prohibited from:

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6- Creation and design of the website

The Publisher is the sole owner of the content that permitted to create and design the website by Kardinal T.

7- Creation of hyperlinks to the website

This website authorises hyperlinks pointing to its content subject to the prior and express consent given by the Publisher:

  • Deep linking technology is prohibited, that is to say that the pages of the website shall not be imbedded within the pages of another website, but are accessed by the opening of a new window,
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Warning: this autorisation does not apply to the websites providing controversial, pornographic or xenophobic content and those capable of offending a large number of people. The Publisher accepts no responsibility for the practices and policies of data protection of the websites with which we may be connected through hypertexts and we encourage you to read them carefully.

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9- Applicable law – Jurisdiction

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